How Container Urbanism is Emerging

Modular office site

Did you think shipping container homes only became a “thing” in the past few years? Well in truth, architects and builders have been utilizing storage containers as building units for decades. In fact, over a century ago builders were experimenting with the idea of “containerized buildings” in which buildings would be assembled from elemental parts similar to cars on an assembly line.

Even though the idea never moved into the mainstream until this century, shipping containers have been used as building blocks for homes and other structures for much longer than that. The US Army used shipping containers to house soldiers for many years, including during the Vietnam War. Office buildings, artist studios, hunting and fishing cabins, school rooms and more have been built out of these strong and versatile containers.

Now there’s a new wave of interest in cargo container homes. Part of this is due the “tiny house” movement, where more people are looking to downsize their lives and live a simpler, minimalist existence. Others are drawn to the idea because it’s eco-friendly, and offers a wide range of design possibilities. And this seems to be a trend that’s here to stay.

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