Owning a Sturdy, Comfortable Container Home is More Affordable Than Ever!


Perhaps you’ve heard of shipping container homes, but you weren’t sure what they were, or what the buzz was all about. While container homes have been around for decades, they’ve increased in popularity in recent years, due to a number of factors.

Here are just a few reasons why container homes have become an attractive option for many home buyers:

  • Container homes are affordable. With traditional home prices skyrocketing in many parts of the US (and the world, for that matter), people are looking for affording housing options. And with some shipping container homes costing less than $45,000 fully constructed, they’re an economical choice for would-be homeowners.
  • Container homes are sturdy. Shipping containers are built from heavy steel and are virtually indestructible. They stay together far better than wood frame homes during a tornado or hurricane, for example. And with proper care, they last longer, too.
  • They’re good for the environment. There are millions of shipping containers around the world just collecting dust in harbors and storage sites. Recycling them not only saves 35,000kg worth of steel, it also saves a lot of trees when compared to wood frame home construction.
  • They offer flexible designs. The design possibilities are almost endless with container homes. You can attach them side-to-side, you can stack them, you can cut them open on one side. You can even build a 4000 sq foot luxury home if you put enough of them together.
  • Reduced construction time. Because much of your new home comes pre-built, you can have your shipping container home constructed in record time.


And there are other benefits as well. Whether you’re looking to downsize your life and move into a “tiny home,” or you’re looking for a larger home, or a hunting cabin or a lakeside fishing retreat, shipping container homes offer an affordable option.